"This Old Thing is here to show you that vintage shopping doesn't have to mean rummaging through old cardigans at a car boot sale - instead, let Dawn introduce you to a world of beautiful and unique fashion treasures, and show you how to create a glamorous personal style that is all your own."

Well, WHAT a year. Two books, a TV series, a clothing line, an embryo. I’ve been busy!

Thanks for all the support you’ve offered me over the few last months, nothing would be possible without the people who read my books, wear my clothes (not literally my clothes, you know what I mean) or watch my shows. You’ve all got me to this point (I’m not talking about the embryo right now) and for that I am so grateful.

So, if you don’t know what I am talking about let me fill you in... On October 15th I launched my clothing line, BOB By Dawn O'Porter. At BOB you will find a gorgeous selection of vintage clothing, sourced largely by myself, from all over the world. Also, you’ll find my own designs. Inspired by my love of vintage the contemporary collection offers a range of styles that will never go out of style. Made to a very high standard using charming dressmaking techniques from eras gone by, BOB is home to dresses and separates that will last you a lifetime, not just a season. Check us out here...


Also this year I hosted, This Old Thing on C4. This is where I attempted to turn vintage skeptics into vintage obsessives, and in most cases I succeeded. If you missed the show don’t worry, I also wrote a book to go with it. You can find it here. This Old Thing : Vintage Clothes .

And then there was the very exciting launch of Paper Aeroplanes into America. Known there as Paper Airplanes (apparently ‘aeroplanes’ is European, who knew!) the response has been fabulous. So thanks to everyone who has read it, reviewed it and loved it. I love that book so much, it means the absolute world to me. For it to be so greatly received has been a truly incredible experience. Thank you, thank you!

Paper Aeroplanes : UK Link
Paper Ailplanes : US Link

So that’s it, you are up to speed. Have a look around my site and be sure to check out my articles as I’m still ranting away in Glamour Magazine every month. I’m also writing a fortnightly column for the Evening Standard about vintage clothing called, Pret O’Porter.

And at some point I’ll squeeze a baby out. So I’ll catch up on sleep then. SHUT UP I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT HAVING A KID MEANS YOU NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

Dawn xxx
01 APRIL 2015

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